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If you are running a web based business, regardless of the channel you are trying to optimise, you want to know your are making the right decisions. Analytics is the process of obtaining an optimal and realistic decision based on existing data. I have found the key steps to analytics are the following:

01Define Goals – Visualize what you want visitors of your website to do, the key actions you would lik them to take when they come to your site.

02Build KPI’s – Once you have defined your goals, choose the metrics you need to monitor so you can define what success would look like.

03Garbage In, Garbage Out! – If your analytics software is not properly configured, your data outputs will be unreliable. Make sure its configured correctly and that the data is correct.

04Collect Data – Implementation for Display involves creating multiple ads with different calls to action depending where the customer is in the marketing funnel, selecting appropriate networks, sites and inventory to appear on and ensuring all ads are tracked and activity deduped.

05Analyse Data – Analyse the data to build theories on how you can better serve your visitors or customers

06Test Alternatives – Test your theories using A/B tests

07Implement – Implement the winning results from your multivariant tests

08Repeat Steps 5-7 – There is always room to improve. Keep repeating steps 5-7 to conitnuiously improve the UX for your visitors using web analytocs as a tool.

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