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Email marketing is one of the most cost effective mediums for driving conversions. Once you have earned your subscribers trust, you have a direct line of communication for product information, sales and conversions. To build a successful Email campaign, I’d focus on the following areas:

01Choose Your Email Provider – Your selection of Email Provider can effect your level of deliverability and your ability to customise your campaign based on the service level of your provider

02Manage Your Subscriber List – If your list has been built up over years it can contain stale information which can effect your open rate and overall conversion rate. It is recommended to keep your list as up to date and fresh as possible

03Grow Your Subscriber List – This is a no brainer, the bigger your database, the bigger the opportunity. Optmisise your customer touch points to gather subscribers where possible.

04Define the Purpose of Your Communication – Deciding if your emails focus is sales or informational, will determine your overall strategy and approach to content, layout and email design

05Keep your design simple but fresh – Your overall design should not take away from the message you want to communicate to your describer. Too much distraction in an email can cause a consumer not to take your desired action.

06Pay Close Attention to the Subject Line – The subject line is key to getting a subscriber to open your mail. This should be conitniously tested and optimised

07Tracking – Tracking is obvious as well, if you can’t see how your email performed, you can’t improve.

08Refine & Optimise – There is nothing in this world that can’t be improved over time, email marketing is no exception. With each email sent, there are new learnings which can improve open rates & conversions.

Below you will find tips on email marketing and perfomance:

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