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Display Advertising is one the fastest growing sectors of Digital Marketing. Display is a fantastic medium for building brand awareness and for retargeting potential customers. If your primary goal is direct response conversions, although it is possible to achieve, the volumes would be low and other mediums such as paid or natural search would be more efficient. To build a successful Display campaign, I’d focus on the following areas:

01Define Your Goals – Define your objective for the campaign whether its brand building, direct response conversions or retargeting

02Implementation – Implementation for Display involves creating multiple ads with different calls to action depending where the customer is in the marketing funnel, selecting appropriate networks, sites and inventory to appear on and ensuring all ads are tracked and activity deduped.

03Optimisation & Refinement – Optimising Display campaigns involves analysing campaign performance, refining by cutting what doesn’t work and scaling what does work through testing of multiple dsps & networks.

Below you will find advice on running Display campaigns based on my experience:

Leo’s Display Advertising Guides: